Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Solo Show at Art on the Boulevard

On June 4th, Art on the Boulevard in Vancouver, Washington hosted my 2010 solo show. I must thank the Director, Kevin Weaver for a wonderful hanging and event - He is a 'class act' and always puts on top notch exhibitions. It was great to catch up with artists, friends, and collectors, though I felt like I didn't have the time to catch up with everyone nor catch my own breath!! Some really funny moments, of course, came from my good friends Eric Jacobsen and Mike Rangner who always pull out the stops to get a laugh.

For example, here they are relaxing by (on) my painting enjoying the atmosphere!!

Eric always seems to help my work out and this time he drew a seagull (that was poorly needed I might add) on my work with permanent marker. Doesn't it look great? What do you think?

As of opening night 8 paintings have sold and a few of them are posted here below. To see more works in the show visit the gallery website at or my website at

Fish Patron Oil 16x24

Walking The Dogs, Duomo de Santa Maria Oil 24x20

Gathering Geese Oil 16x16

Laundry Lines, Siena Oil 20x30

Cloaked Vessel Oil 16x12

Beach Walkers Oil 9x12


  1. Congratulations, Mitch, on your sales! Lovely paintings.

  2. Wonderful work!...but I have to know how did he make it look like he really drew a bird on your painting???

  3. I love Laundry Lines and Walking the Dog, they're just fantastic in their solid compositions an delicate, suggestive details. I'm very looking forward to seeing more paintings from you...I'll be popping back!

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