Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finally Time

It's finally time that I try and be a part of the 'modern' world and start a blog. I am quite busy with life but with requests from friends and collectors I am going to try and keep the world informed on what I am up to. I cannot promise that I will be updating consistently but I will post my ramblings when I have the time. I hope you enjoy. With all that said, I will start off this blog with a blurb about a recent exhibition winning this last month and an upcoming article in a national magazine. I entered a small 12x16 painting of Venice, Italy title 'Morning Ensigns, Italy' in the American Impressionist Society Exhibition held in Denver, Colorado. To my surprise the painting won Best of Show as well as Southwest Art Magazine's Award of Excellence. I was honored as well as humbled because the juror was Quang Ho, who's work I so much admire. The explanation of why I chose to enter this piece should be in the upcoming January issue of Southwest Art Magazine in the 'Artist to Watch' article. It was fun to be interviewed by the senior editor Bonnie Gangelhoff and strange too because I am so used to reading her articles with other artists' responses to her inquiries. It will be interesting to see how the article turns out. I have attached the painting here if you have not seen it on my website.