Saturday, April 24, 2010

Painting in central Oregon

While dropping off some work at a new gallery that will be representing me, I had the chance to camp this last weekend and do some painting in central Oregon, just outside of Bend at Smith Rocks. It was fun to get down inside the canyon to paint this time instead of working from the rim. I started early and in fact was the first soul to arrive at the park when the sun was just rising. It is the best time to see the area because the light bounces around the canyon the way it is formed along the Crooked River. After spending some time photographing I was able to do 2 quick studies and be out of there by lunch time and back on the road for home. I have posted them below and the gallery that will be representing me in Bend is the River Bend Gallery -

'Desert Snag' 8x10

'Smith Rock Shadows' 8x10